Rules & Regulations


Document Version Date
ISKA Sports Karate Rules V.10 (2022) 31/01/2022
ISKA Koshiki Rules V.1 28/07/2009
ISKA Amateur Combat Grappling Rules V.3 01/05/2015
ISKA Pankration rules V.1 19/09/2014
ISKA Light Kick rules V.4 19/08/2019
No-Gi Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rules V.1 01/01/2015
ISKA Titles Statement V.2 01/01/2013


Document Version Date
Member Protection Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Codes of Behaviour Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Spectator Behaviour Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Chaperone Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Social Media Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Communication Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Picking up and Dropping off Children Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Inclusion of People with Disabilities Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Illegal Drugs Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
Guidelines for interacting with Children  V.1  25/02/2019
Risk Policy  V.1  25/02/2019
ISKA Refund Policy V.1 22/01/2017
ISKA Australian National Championship Qualification & Selection V.2 01/03/2019